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Drown in the Mediterranean or freeze to Death in the Forests, Refugees have a Choice!

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To All Ambassadors


Germany, Luebeck, 10 November 2021

The German-language document you may find here!

Men without a Belief in God have no Firm Roots and unfortunately this is the great Majority or the great Mass, which is also true for a Woman in a weakened Form!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, there is no help for the many people with children who are lured to Belarus by diabolical machinations of individuals via scheduled flights in order to be bundled off into the forests at the Polish border and have to "camp" there in the cold month of November because, legally speaking, there is illegal immigration and thus the borders to Poland are now heavily guarded.

A return to the interior of the country from Belarus is prevented by the soldiers who chase the people out of their country to the borders with rubber truncheons.

Thus, these people are now trapped in a deadly freezing trap, because these people have left their country or had to flee their own country for a variety of reasons.

How has it become possible that a single ruler can do whatever he wants with a human being, with a group of people or with crowds of people?

Everyone knows the answer, but no one wants to say it, because that alone is more than just serious!

So some of the scientists should first ask themselves what they have invented and to what extent their inventions are being used or have been disseminated on a large scale, whereby the whole of Europe or the whole world can now be blackmailed if, as is being practised more and more frequently, a single ruler without any real belief in God or in Creation comes to a place where such a ruler can press the "red button" at his discretion!

Through this power in the wrong hands, which such a rather "baseless" creature embodies, or also through such baseless sick "would-be-good powerful", who were able to obtain a friendship of these described baseless rulers, no nation in the world can do anything lasting without a terrible end for all through the push of the "red button"!

A regulation in refugee policy has thus been poorly to insufficiently observed and implemented worldwide, in that refugees and masses of people can now be played off against each other, for example through forced refugee flows by unscrupulous rulers against other nations. Thus, the causes of flight are intensified from all sides and the refugee flows will inevitably increase!

It is a weak image of any man of today who is apparently no longer connected with his Creator and can think ahead, but only wants to have his sick soul or psyche served in order to be able to expand his ego!

My person has kept options open of these egoists for years in the hope that something meaningful could be built up and last, but if even today people have to freeze to death, then I am beginning to wonder if my person is not the man of the house!

If it is like this or similar, then you and your kind shall never forget my reign days in your life again, so that you will finally know and be able to distinguish what makes a "he-man"!

With kind Regards

Ursula Sabisch 


Note: Every state on earth can one day be ruled by criminal elements, what is already the case for some states on earth! 

Thus, in future, every responsible citizen and especially every responsible person in his or her place should be able to observe and trace the career of the individual, especially when it concerns, for example, prospective scientists in research and technology, politicians and economic experts, doctors and theologians or prospective teaching staff, who could end up in places for which one or the other is not suitable for obvious reasons and thus may not be admitted!

HP: My person will have all title-holders worldwide, preferably those who hold doctoral and professorial titles, scrutinised and, if necessary, have the titles revoked, because this is no way to go on here and elsewhere!