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Tuesday's Service

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Subject: Lessons on the matter

Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2023 13:51:41 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch To: ...........@luebeck.de>

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Psychiatric Service




Luebeck, 7 November 2023

That German-language document you may find here!

Tuesday's service written as lessons!

Dear Mr H....., Dear Luebeck public prosecutor's office, Ladies and Gentlemen of psychiatric clinics worldwide,

Unfortunately, nothing really constructive comes out of your branch in the matter and for this reason my person must once again give private lessons to make it clear once again!!!

As so often, my person informs herself through the daily readings of the Roman Catholic Church on the matter and commission, in order to check whether my person is still in the "true spirit", usually by first drafting a letter from my person and then sending it.

Very rarely, like today, my person first looks at the daily readings and then draws up a document!

One of today's readings from St Paul to the Romans (12:5-16a), addressed exclusively to the brethren, contains the following exhortation:

"Help the saints when they are in need: grant hospitality at all times!"

And it is precisely at this point that you will get nowhere, because you will not be able to properly or fully understand the diseases of the psyche with its associated entanglements, which will become clear by focussing exclusively on the wrong people who, however, show the clear symptoms of the clinical picture.

The perpetrators of many of these mental illnesses remain unconsidered and are usually even pitied and reinforced in their nature!

And this has been going on for decades or, more precisely, centuries, but you are only looking for a drug treatment and a quick solution to the problems!

A few decades ago, however, we could clearly see that it was mainly Catholics who suffered from severe psychoses, but you, as the great psychiatrists, will have devised a strategy to circumvent and ignore these facts, probably in an exemplary manner, through your "Martin Luther".

Even if a psychiatrist or even a nurse or carer was affected by a patient themselves, the solution was usually a highly criminal overdose of psychotropic drugs for those who were admitted to a psychiatric ward without rights and thus for those who were helplessly exposed, you pathetic garden gnomes!

And this must be stopped worldwide and immediately by having the dose of each patient personally checked by the psychiatric ward's residents, because otherwise you could have these patients killed with an overdose!

As you and some others will know, there are now at least a few people at the top of this filthy business who have not died by overdose and you will know that a particular top of this filthy story is in my family!

But you and your ilk keep playing with these high scores, probably until that top dies!

And now I've had enough of you and your ilk!

You have received instructions and orders in this regard and are probably too cowardly to implement them! So we will have to find ourselves together where the "torn saints" are clearly noticeable in the clinical picture of the people and that will be in every psychiatry in the whole world!

However, as Paul's address to the reader makes clear, it is the man or the brother and not the woman or sister who is being addressed.

Nevertheless, years ago "in Neustadt" I realised that it was probably due to my "involuntary and therefore inappropriate presence" in the psychiatric ward that all patients could be discharged.

However, a clinical picture of the person concerned does not always have to behave in this suitable form to the "form of my person" and be resolved quickly, which would mean that my person, including accompanying persons, would have to visit the same psychiatric ward several times worldwide in order to enable the saints to be decoupled at the same time!

This and much more is very time-consuming and very exhausting for my person, so that other former patients and those affected in a psychiatric ward, who are not suffering from the trauma of treatment with psychotropic drugs, should also be involved in the matter!

The result of these resolutions of the saints and their powers should be clear to you.

And now we will start in Neustadt Schleswig-Holstein, but only if Emperor Diethard and King Juergen are completely secured, in that both Monarchs have already assumed their official residence and will have taken up office in a suitable castle!

My ... ........ will also have to be secured immediately, as already ordered, in accordance with my instructions, otherwise you and your kind will get into the most serious trouble with my person!

The true Church must also be made aware and refrain from celebrating the Eucharist (Body of Christ) during the transition period into a possible new era, in that this command of the Lord must be given to Protestantism at least for the time being throughout Europe and afterwards worldwide!

Please have all those who have already been named by the Empress in writing admitted to the Neustadt psychiatric ward with notification by the Empress's command and make a note of my person or other affected persons for a visit.

This preferably includes Mrs .... .... who has to go there with her partner as a long-term patient, so that ...  ... can "complete his trauma" by receiving an invitation for a few visits from his ex-wife! The same applies to .................., who is also intended as a long-term patient, should ............. not be able to prevent this through her visits, whereby one week at ........ ... will be the minimum stay!

Afterwards we will possibly meet together as the Luebeck experts on site in the Neustadt psychiatric ward, should my person still be able to do so, whereby you and the persons already mentioned will have to present themselves as the patients, but will possibly be long-term patients and my person will be the visiting person!

My person will thus get rid of your dirty and cheap approach to the matter once and for all and you will be "human again"!

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch


HP: I hope that you and others deserve such a valuable letter!

This letter is also intended for the public, although of course the personal details are only relevant for the relevant administration!

The expression of this letter has been slightly improved.